With family

As a hotel with family tradition,  we know how important different kinds of family festivities are, when we can meet within a group of close people and experience the moments affecting us and our relatives.

Depending on the kind of ceremony and the number of guests, our staff will help to choose and arrange the place and the cooks will assist in selecting adequate menu.

Our hotel is an ideal place for organizing such festivities as: wedding receptions, birthdays, anniversaries, christening parties and many others. We will adjust our services specifically to Your needs and the character of a ceremony.

 The only thing that You are left with is experiencing these moments within a warm, family gathering.

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With friends

Hotel Kryształ **** is an ideal place to relax, where You can take a deep breath after a busy week.


Take a group of friends and have fun enjoying your exquisite company far away from the every day commotion. To supplement Your stay we offer a joint visit in the hotel wellness & spa centre and bowling or billiards round in our pub.


The hotel staff will advise what attractions You should see in Szklarska Poręba and near it and if You wish they can help to arrange transport or a guide.


Hotel Kryształ is an ideal place for organizing such events as: birthdays, name-days, anniversaries or hen parties and stag nights.

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The two of You

In the life of each couple there are exceptional moments which we would like to be the unique ones.


Being aware of the importance of these moments we wish to invite You to our hotel, where You can find rooms or luxurious suits prepared specially for You.


You can dispose of the hotel Wellness & Spa centre, where together You can devote Yourselves to Spa treatments. According to Your wish, we can arrange elegant dinner among candles and music live.


Hotel Kryształ **** in Szklarska Poręba is an ideal place for the two of You to experience such moments as anniversaries, engagements and other special occasions, which You would like to spend together.


If You have any wishes – just tell us – we are there for You to make them come true.


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